Mindapples helps organisations improve their mental wellbeing and performance to help staff work smarter and more sustainably. We use the proceeds from this work to subsidise our community projects in education, healthcare and culture change. We work with some of the biggest names in global business, and we've been leading the way in this sector since 2008, so if you're serious about improving your organisation, we can help.

“I have worked with Mindapples for a number of years. Their message is simple and compelling and fit for purpose for any audience, particularly those organisations who want to unlock the potential within their people. Highly recommended.” Patrick Watt, Director of Corporate Business, Bupa Health & Wellbeing

We provide an integrated two-channel approach, combining health & wellness promotion and performance training to engage staff in thinking about what their minds need, and equip them with the skills they need to work smarter. We also offer insights and consultancy to help organisations change, and combine all these services in packaged wellness programmes to create lasting impact on your organisational culture and working practices.

Contact us now to build a programme that meets your needs.

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