Mindapples in the media

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    “As neuroscience and psychology reveal more about how our minds work, we think huge progress can be made through basic mental health literacy training.”
    Andy Gibson, The Guardian, April 2012

    “So one of my manic to-do lists leads me to mindapples.org to find out more about getting a mental five-a-day... I compile my own five-a-day - among them spending a few minutes looking after the plants in my garden and taking a 15-minute cycle around my local common - and I realise that while doing them may not make that bubbling undercurrent of anxiety disappear, it does subside. I feel less useless, more capable.”
    Kathryn Knight, Grazia, October 2011 (print only though, sorry)

    “Mindapples is an idea that is gaining ground at a time when both professionals and politicians are focusing on people’s well-being.”
    Julie Cross, The Telegraph, May 2011

    “I find Mindapples a pretty intriguing concept, which could really catch on. Just as gyms became a big thing in the 80s, will the 2010s see the arrival of serious preventative mental health?”
    Madeleine Bunting, The Guardian, April 2011

    “rather than healthy food, this is health activities for your brain”
    David Sillito, BBC News, April 2011 (video)

    “You know what's awesome? Mindapples. A nice example of a startup that matters.”
    Umair Haque, Harvard Business Review, April 2011 (via Twitter)

    “Just like crusades that advocate daily exercise, healthy eating and rest, Mindapples focuses on daily practices for mental health.”
    Michael Brooks, PSFK, August 2010

    “Courvoisier and Mindapples' Big Treat presents a kaleidoscope of revolutionary approaches to give you your 5-a-day for the mind.”
    Wellbeing Magazine, July 2011

    “We want the brand to be beautiful in a way that people want to come in and colour it”
    Design Week, April 2010 (subscribers only)

    “to create something tangible for funders I call in favours. In return, I’ll take the team to the pub.”
    Andy Gibson profiled in the Sunday Observer, December 2009

    “Mindapples is a rather lovely thing – a small, social project with no other aim than to to promote individual self management of mental wellbeing.”
    Maureen Rice, Psychologies Magazine, October 2008

    “Crunching through leaves in the park, the gentle touch of a loved one, or perhaps a quiet session with the newspaper: let them know what works for you.”
    British Psychological Society, October 2008

    “Mindapples is a site that aims to share and develop ways of maintaining mental health in innovative ways. A community-based knowledge sharing community focused on mental well-being. Yay!”
    Mindhacks, October 2008

    “I try to listen to beautiful music at least once a day, I don’t check my portfolio even in the best of times, I hug a loved one at least one more time than was expected, and also I avoid television advertisements as much as possible. That’s four…”
    Tyler Cowen, Marginal Revolution, October 2008

    “There is a strong societal awareness that to take care of our physical health we can go to the gym or eat well, but there is not an equivalent understanding of how to take care of our minds. “
    Andy Gibson, The RSA Journal, October 2008

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