What are your mindapples?

What do you do regularly to take care of your mind?

mindapple (mīnd-ăp-´əl)n.
a day-to-day activity that is
good for your mind


A Gift to our Gardeners: Mindapples Impact Report 2014

IMPACT OVERVIEW This year we’ve grown shoots and leaves as an organisation, gaining public recognition and deepening our conversations about what public mental health means to people and organisations.... (Read more)

Posted by rachelstatham on 19 Dec 2014

Love at a distance with Moodbug

http://moodbug.me/ “I could never do a long-distance relationship” your sixth form self once stated. Now at university you find yourself planning your weekend activities around your significant other’s... (Read more)

Posted by sorchapiotrowski on 11 Nov 2014

Phobia of cockroaches ? Serious game could help

Cockroaches; if the mere mention of this word sets your body a quiver and your sweat glands into overdrive then you may have Katsaridaphobia – what the National Geographic calls the fear of cockroaches... (Read more)

Posted by sorchapiotrowski on 31 Oct 2014

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