What are your mindapples?

What do you do regularly to take care of your mind?

mindapple (mīnd-ăp-´əl)n.
a day-to-day activity that is
good for your mind


Changing Minds

World Mental Health Day should be a chance to celebrate our minds and discuss what we need as a society. We need to encourage people to look after their minds, minimise the factors that can make people... (Read more)

Posted by Andy Gibson on 10 Oct 2014

Fresh from the mind orchard Mindapples present….Moodbug!

  Leaving for university can be an emotional cocktail. A blend of excitement and freedom with a large dash of fear and as many a student will know, too many cocktails physical or emotional will leaving... (Read more)

Posted by sorchapiotrowski on 01 Oct 2014

Me and my Mindapples

Natalie Heaton from Bupa talks us through the 5-a-day for her mind and why cloud-watching, thinking up stories and fancy dress improve her mental wellbeing I’ve picked up a pesky cold and my body is cr... (Read more)

Posted by giannagoulding on 18 Sep 2014

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