What are your mindapples?

What do you do regularly to take care of your mind?

mindapple (mīnd-ăp-´əl)n.
a day-to-day activity that is
good for your mind


Mindapples at the Secret Garden Party 2014

Wow. What a party. The Secret Garden Party never fails to deliver. The Mindapples team had great fun cavorting around the fairy tale-esque back drop of Huntingdon. We had our Head Gardener, Andy Gibson... (Read more)

Posted by dankolodgee on 08 Aug 2014

Mindapples trees sprouting for University Mental Health and Wellbeing Day

Today is University Mental Health and Wellbeing Day and students all over the country are putting on all sorts of events aimed at promoting the mental health of people in Higher Education. Mindapples i... (Read more)

Posted by casparthecat on 19 Feb 2014

Love your mind this World Mental Health Day

This coming Thursday 10th October is World Mental Health Day. World Mental Health Day is often a time when people focus on raising awareness of mental illness. Mental illness in all its forms still cau... (Read more)

Posted by Andy Gibson on 07 Oct 2013

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    Rest so that your brain will rest

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